LabChems Corp
We are a leading outsourcing firm committed to exceed our customers’expectations through high quality service, cost-effectiveness and rapid response.Our facility is a world-class site FDA registered.

Human Resources Outsourcing

We identify, match, and provide our customers with the best LEADERS in a timely manner to help fullfill their projects, exceeding expectations in complying with deadlines, budget management and high standards of work and ethics.

What is this?

HR Outsourcing is a LabChemS Corp department that offers qualified personnel to any company. The department is focused on improving the quality and outcomes of any operations needs. We are committed to take the HR Outsourcing to another level by understanding our customers’ needs structuring our system to give them the best results in short time with our Rapid Response Philosophy.

Personnel we provide:

  • Administrative

  • Managerial

  • Technicians

  • EHS Services

  • Clerical

  • Documentation Specialists

  • Data Entry

  • Professionals

  • General Duties

  • Specialists in different areas

  • Services we provide:

  • Individualized Matching/ Pre screening/ Hiring Process

  • Evaluations

  • Basic training (first 8 hours paid by LCC)

  • Personal care

  • Drug Test (provided by LCC)