LabChems Corp
We are a leading outsourcing firm committed to exceed our customers’expectations through high quality service, cost-effectiveness and rapid response.Our facility is a world-class site FDA registered.

About Us

We are a firm of experienced consultants in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries. Offering businesses efficient, secure and cost-effective services for the modern industries. Based in Puerto Rico, we can export our knowledgeable resources to the US mainland, Caribbean and the rest of the World. Our professionals are dedicated to meeting the project needs in a timely manner and provide innovative cost-efficient solutions for the financial challenges of today. Giving sense to our Motto: Solutions that Deliver Results!

  • Mission

    To provide the pharmaceutical and medical device industry top-talented resources to promote and create placement in order to satisfy our valuable customers’ needs and contribute to the economy of our country.
  • Vision

    To demonstrate superior employee performance to our customers, with integrity and responsibility, while aiming to become the benchmark to future organizations.
  • Corporate Values

    In LabChemS Corp we encourage LEADERS Leadership, to influence people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen. Eagerness, by putting heart and mind to create ideas that have potential to change the industry. Assurance, to achieve great service and initiatives that impact the quality of life of our society and the industry.
    Determination, to give the best and unmatched results for all around satisfaction and customers’ success. Ethics, to act with honesty and unbiased. Respect, to show consideration and being regarded with honor or esteem. Service for Excellence, to consistently offer the best performance with an efficient and effective approach to give the best solution.
  • Our Logo

    LabChemS Corp began as a single service corporation with the World in mind as the canvas for growth and development of the Laboratory Support Service for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry. With time it evolved to much more, now we are a Consulting Firm, a Temporary Service Agency and Environmental Lab Service provider. The combination of these services is what has driven LabChemS Corp to what we are today and aim to be in the future.

The Globe, the World as the canvas for growth and development. The Three Orbits, the combination of our divisions; from the original single source corporation concept represented with the arrowed orbit around the Globe and the two new divisions that have developed to be LabChemS Corp, and what it aims to become in the near future.

  • Our Goals

    LabChemS Corp strives to provide a unique level of service with quality and commitment. In each of our divisions, we focus on the expectations of our clients.
  • Engineering Consulting Services, by identifying the adequate resources to serve the project on hand of our clients.
  • LCS TempS (Temporary Services), to aid our clients to fill their needs within the least amount of time and the most cost-effective resources.
  • Environmental Lab Services, to provide a personal and professional service focused on quality and compliance, meeting the clients’ requests promptly and efficiently.

We are a leading outsourcing firm committed to exceed our customers’ expectations through high quality service, cost-effectiveness and rapid response. Our facility is a world-class site FDA registered.

  • FDA

    Our facility is a world-class site.

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